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Philip Selway's Quotes

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Born: 1967-05-23
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Philip Selway

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Anything that broadens your musicality always moves the way you write drum or guitar parts.

Tags: Guitar, Moves, Write

I think I needed the resilience of approaching my late 30s to come to terms with the resilience I required to learn to sing.

Tags: Late, Learn, Sing

Listening back to your speaking voice for the first time, unless you're James Earl Jones, it's a quite distressing process for most people.

Tags: Process, Time, Voice

When I first started drumming, when I was 14 or 15, I started writing songs. I wrote for a couple of years, but when we started 'Radiohead' it became very apparent quite quickly that I just wanted to concentrate on the drumming.

Tags: Started, Wanted, Writing

You are never, ever gonna get a drummer to dis another one. It's part of the drumming rules, as important as being able to keep pace or smashing up hotel rooms. Drummers do not dis!

Tags: Able, Another, Keep
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Philip Selway's quote #2
Philip Selway's quote #2
Philip Selway's quote #2
Philip Selway's quote #2
Philip Selway's quote #2
Philip Selway's quote #2
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