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Picture Books Quotes

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I can't think of a story that doesn't have something terrible in it. Otherwise, it's dull. So when I embarked into the world of picture books, my first thought was to do something about the dark.

Tags: Dark, Story, Thought  ✍ Author: Daniel Handler

It is a good idea to know which publishers publish which stories. For example, there is no sense in sending a picture book text to a publisher who does not publish picture books.

Tags: Book, Good, Sense  ✍ Author: Margaret Mahy

I did have a child, and I was reading a lot of picture books to her, but at the same time writing a children's book was something that I'd been wanting to do for many years, pretty much since the start of my career.

Tags: Book, Children, Time  ✍ Author: Al Yankovic

And that's why any of my picture books exist: They all seem to be built backwards from a simple, emotionally optimistic story beat.

Tags: Simple, Story, Why  ✍ Author: Berkeley Breathed

With twins, reading aloud to them was the only chance I could get to sit down. I read them picture books until they were reading on their own.

Tags: Chance, Read, Until  ✍ Author: Beverly Cleary

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Picture Books quote #2
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Picture Books quote #2
Picture Books quote #2
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