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Pitbull's Quotes

Pitbull profile photo

Born: 1981-01-15
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Pitbull

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It's all about music, because music is basically what's... been my avenue out of maybe being involved in things I shouldn't be.

Tags: Involved, Maybe, Music

Look, Pitbull is a product.

Tags: Product

Music to me is something I did as a hobby.

Tags: Hobby, Music

The people in Cuba, they know what I stand for, and there's a lot of people in Cuba that stand for the same. But they can't say it.

Tags: Cuba, Stand

This industry is 90 percent business, 10 percent talent.

Tags: Business, Percent, Talent

When I get in the studio the idea is just to work and bang out as many as I can.

Tags: Idea, Studio, Work

I don't agree when the USA, that lives by a constitution, says, OK, just because you look this way, we're going to ask you for your documentation, or you gotta go back to your country.

Tags: Ask, Country, Lives

I won't perform in Cuba until there's no more Castro and there's a free Cuba. To me, Cuba's the biggest prison in the world, and I would be very hypocritical were I to perform there.

Tags: Free, Until, Won

I'm taking all the negatives in my life, and turning them into a positive.

Tags: Life, Positive, Taking

If you continue to work hard, let that be the fuel to your fire.

Tags: Fire, Hard, Work

In any country when you throw something in somebody's face, it's disrespectful.

Tags: Country, Face, Somebody

You can't get much whiter than me.

Tags: Energy, Life, Someone

Music is my hustle.

Tags: Hustle, Music

My owner is life and that's what I fight for.

Tags: Fight, Life, Owner

Every time I reach a new audience, that means I'm doing something right.

Tags: Audience, Means, Time

My kids can't eat awards.

Tags: Awards, Eat, Kids

I already had three strikes against me. One, I have light skin. Two, I'm from Miami, which wasn't getting looked at at the time. Three, I'm Cuban. But now, I've made everything that stacked against me into a virtue.

Tags: Against, Light, Time

One night I'll be in Los Angeles and it'll be a Latin crowd, and then another night I'll go to Fresno and it'll be an all-black crowd. To me, that's the beauty of the music.

Tags: Beauty, Music, Night

With all the negativity going on in the world right now, people need an escape. When you give them a hit record or a great record, it allows them to escape for at least three to four minutes. They're not thinking bills or economy or immigration or war when you create that kind of ambiance.

Tags: Great, Thinking, War

Any time I see anything moving onstage, I'm cautious about it.

Tags: Cautious, Moving, Time

As Americans, which I suffer from myself, we have ADD.

Tags: Add, Suffer

I feel like I've been fighting in music and creating new ways and new opportunities to make things work even when people thought it wouldn't.

Tags: Music, Thought, Work

I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music, freestyle, hip-hop, techno, house, rave.

Tags: Bass, House, Music
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I like to keep my money at the end of the day.

Tags: End, Keep, Money

I look at this game from a different perspective.

Tags: Game

I make music with no boundaries.

Tags: Boundaries, Music

I think of fans like a barbershop. I want that debate.

Tags: Debate, Fans

I work hard. But I play hard, too.

Tags: Hard, Work

I'm here to entertain.

Tags: Entertain, Here

I'm in the major league now.

Tags: League, Major

I'm no longer an artist, I'm a business partner.

Tags: Artist, Business, Longer

I'm taking a lot of freestyle music and flipping it.

Tags: Flipping, Music, Taking
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