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I have come to the conclusion that the major part of the work of a President is to increase the gate receipts of expositions and fairs and bring tourists to town.

Tags: Bring, President, Work  ✍ Author: William Howard Taft

The money the president wants to borrow for Iraq will come directly out of the American taxpayer wallets in the form of Medicare and Social Security receipts. That's your money.

Tags: American, Money, Social  ✍ Author: Robert Byrd

There is - you know, there's receipts for rented cars and license plates and guns and hand prints and palm prints and fingerprints. You know, I want to wait until I'm in a court.

Tags: Hand, Until, Wait  ✍ Author: Patty Hearst

I met a lot of young girls modelling and they were like, 'Oh, I'm running around town and people are taking my picture', while I was saving receipts and learning how to be self-employed.

Tags: Learning, While, Young  ✍ Author: Christina Hendricks

Records are just moments of achievement. They're like receipts for work done. Time goes on and people keep playing music.

Tags: Music, Time, Work  ✍ Author: Bill Laswell

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