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Rejoice Quotes

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There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.

Tags: Color, Grass  ✍ Author: John Calvin

Evil. Mistrust those who rejoice at it even more than those who do it.

Tags: Evil, Mistrust  ✍ Author: Victor Hugo

How could man rejoice in victory and delight in the slaughter of men?

Tags: Men, Victory  ✍ Author: Mike Tyson

Really rejoice in being yourself. Have your own drumbeat.

Tags: Yourself  ✍ Author: Kim Cattrall

I ought to rejoice in the fact that our principal rival has died, but I don't.

Tags: Died, Fact  ✍ Author: Jonathan Dimbleby

Every day I turn on my television set and I see Newt Gingrich on television, I rejoice.

Tags: Television, Turn  ✍ Author: Martin Frost

We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel.

Tags: Grown, Israel  ✍ Author: Golda Meir

If you have overcome your inclination and not been overcome by it, you have reason to rejoice.

Tags: Overcome, Reason  ✍ Author: Oliver Platt

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