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Remnants Quotes

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Antiquities are history defaced, or some remnants of history which have casually escaped the shipwreck of time.

Tags: Casually, History, Time  ✍ Author: Francis Bacon

Our forces saved the remnants of the Jewish people of Europe for a new life and a new hope in the reborn land of Israel. Along with all men of good will, I salute the young state and wish it well.

Tags: Good, Life, Men  ✍ Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower

The fight, this war, this fight against the remnants of terrorism will go on for some time.

Tags: Fight, Time, War  ✍ Author: Vincent Kartheiser

I still, at hotel rooms, I do this one sort of not-so-cool thing: continually shoving my room service tray in front of someone else's door. Because I don't want the remnants. I don't want to be caught, like, being like the pig that I was at two in the morning.

Tags: Else, Morning, Someone  ✍ Author: Drew Barrymore

There's more than a few remnants left in German welfare policy today. Many Germans eagerly condemn Hitler's fascism but won't examine the other reasons why the Third Reich succeeded for a season.

Tags: Few, Today, Why  ✍ Author: James Thomas Fields

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Remnants quote #2
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