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Richard Coyle's Quotes

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Born: 1972-02-27
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Richard Coyle

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I do a lot of running. Bit of squash, bit of tennis. I don't like feeling out of shape.

Tags: Bit, Feeling, Tennis

I think the first movie I ever saw was a 'Star Wars' triple bill, when 'Return of the Jedi' was released.

Tags: Movie, Return, Star

I've always had this strong sense that I know best.

Tags: Best, Sense, Strong

What's my greatest fear? I don't know; I have lots of fears. Regret, I don't want to have any regrets; that makes me scared.

Tags: Fear, Greatest, Regret

I was always the kid at the side of the playground, looking at the other kids. I didn't know how to get into the group. I was quiet and bookish, a bit of a geek. I was into orienteering when my friends were out clubbing.

Tags: Friends, Group, Kids

I'm better when I'm busy. I am happier. I am a bit useless when I'm not busy. I start thinking too much, which is never a good thing. When I'm busy I have a better perspective on what really matters - the priorities.

Tags: Busy, Good, Thinking
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Richard Coyle's quote #3
Richard Coyle's quote #3
Richard Coyle's quote #3
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