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Rick Larsen's Quotes

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Born: 1965-06-15
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Rick Larsen

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Congress had the opportunity to extend tax relief to working families without increasing the deficit. Instead, we were handed a bill that favors the wealthy and eliminates deductions that benefit the middle class.

Tags: Congress, Tax, Working

Children are often the silent victims of drug abuse.

Tags: Children, Often, Silent

America needs to be secure at home and abroad.

Tags: America, Home, Needs

I strongly support tax relief for the middle class.

Tags: Class, Support, Tax

My goal is to ensure the Northern Border is safe, secure and allows for the free flow of travel and commerce.

Tags: Free, Goal, Travel

Now more than ever, America needs an agenda for real change.

Tags: America, Change, Real

Our ability to effectively engage China and the Arab world rests on shared economic and political interests and mutual understanding.

Tags: Ability, Economic, Political

Today's global landscape is increasingly interconnected. China and the Middle East play critical roles towards international peace and security.

Tags: Peace, Security, Today

We are the greatest country in the world but we are facing serious issues.

Tags: Country, Greatest, Serious

And we need to maintain our foothold in the fight against terrorism and terrorist groups and respond to any degradation of Iraqi security or stability.

Tags: Against, Fight, Security

As a co-chair of the State's 2010 Olympics Task Force, I am working to make sure our border crossings are ready to handle the risks and benefits the Games will bring.

Tags: State, Sure, Working

As many as three million people are expected to attend the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. The security concerns and economic opportunities are great for both Canada and Washington state.

Tags: Both, Great, State

As the first Member of Congress from western Washington to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in over 50 years, I am proud to represent the needs of our agriculture community.

Tags: Congress, House, Proud

Congress must take responsibility for a new positive direction - an innovative agenda that will lead to a more secure America. Secure communities, secure economies, and a secure quality of life.

Tags: America, Life, Positive

For the past several years, the Meth Caucus has worked to engage the Office of National Drug Control Policy on this issue. We have tried to get their attention that meth requires a strong, comprehensive Federal policy.

Tags: Control, Past, Strong

I ask the American people to consider the legacy this administration has handed us in the defense budget as we spend billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars without the tools and ability to track these dollars.

Tags: Ability, American, Ask

I can finally go home and tell the constituents, law enforcement, and leaders in Washington state that Congress is treating the meth problem with the same urgency and commitment that local communities have been treating it with for years.

Tags: Home, Law, Problem

I have heard repeated stories of meth users leaving their children unattended for days as they cook, use and then sleep off the intense effects of methamphetamine.

Tags: Children, Leaving, Sleep

Methamphetamine is a highly dangerous drug that is wreaking havoc on families and communities throughout this country. The drug's use is spreading across the United States.

Tags: Country, Dangerous, United

Washington state's 2nd Congressional District is a major producer of small fruit crops such as raspberries and strawberries. This research center is doing important work to help farmers enhance the quality, yield and marketability of their small fruit crops.

Tags: Help, Small, Work

We need a positive economic agenda that invests in the innovation and growth that will create jobs for middle class families and ensure that America remains the world leader.

Tags: America, Leader, Positive

We need safe communities that are free from methamphetamine and a federal commitment to stand next to state leadership and law enforcement in the fight against this epidemic.

Tags: Fight, Law, Leadership
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