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Ridley Pearson's Quotes

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Born: 1953-03-13
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of Ridley Pearson

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I think every fiction writer, to a certain extent, is a schizophrenic and able to have two or three or five voices in his or her body. We seek, through our profession, to get those voices onto paper.

Tags: Able, Body, Her

I'm about to read Scott Turow's 'Innocent.' I've been hungry for this book since he first told me it was in the works. I'm a serious Turow fan.

Tags: Book, Read, Serious

I'm still only half the writer I hope I will be.

Tags: Half, Hope, Writer

I've been running from, and toward, death all my life, more aware of it than a person should be.

Tags: Death, Life, Toward

The way you get better is putting words on the page and getting them behind you.

Tags: Behind, Getting, Words

As a young boy, I read 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and immediately became neurotic about my use of time. It taxed me severely, but only for the next 50 years. But I think it also allowed me to discipline myself to sit in the chair and be a writer, where one of the most needed qualities is patience.

Tags: Patience, Time, Young

For the first-time novelist you've got to get up at 5:30 in the morning and write until 7, make breakfast and go to work. Or, come home and work for an hour. Everybody has an hour in their day somewhere.

Tags: Home, Morning, Work

My favorite novel is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because of its broad sweep, its tackling of big issues in ways that even young minds can make sense of and for the heart of the characters, who span a wide range of ages. I reread it every year.

Tags: Big, Heart, Young
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