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He is now rising from affluence to poverty.

Tags: Affluence, Poverty  ✍ Author: Mark Twain

It is true that we are made of dust. And the world is also made of dust. But the dust has motes rising.

Tags: Dust, True  ✍ Author: Muhammad Iqbal

I don't generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench.

Tags: Running, Training  ✍ Author: Satchel Paige

Americans are rising to the tasks of history, and they expect the same of us.

Tags: Expect, History  ✍ Author: George W. Bush

He's passed from rising hope to elder statesman without any intervening period whatsoever.

Tags: Hope, Period  ✍ Author: Michael Foot

Well, I like to think that my illness has prevented me from rising to any number of dizzy heights.

Tags: Illness, Number  ✍ Author: Christopher Monckton

Healthcare costs are rising, and not just Medicare and Medicaid, but healthcare in general.

Tags: Costs, General  ✍ Author: Gwen Moore

The sea is not rising. It hasn't risen in 50 years.

Tags: Hasn, Sea  ✍ Author: Rebecca De Mornay

We live in an era of revolution, the revolution of rising expectations.

Tags: Era, Revolution  ✍ Author: Adlai Stevenson

The Negroes are facing the alternative of rising in the sphere of production to supply their proportion of the manufacturers and merchants or of going down to the graves of paupers.

Tags: Graves, Production  ✍ Author: Carter G. Woodson

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