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Rob Kardashian's Quotes

Rob Kardashian profile photo

Born: 1987-03-17
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Rob Kardashian

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I am working on a dress sock line of funky, colorful, cool designs.

Tags: Cool, Line, Working

I literally change my phone number 10 times a year and I don't ever save my contacts.

Tags: Change, Times, Year

I sleep with my baby blanket, Kiki, that my nana made for me.

Tags: Baby, Blanket, Sleep

I want to experience Dallas. It's a new city where I see new business opportunities.

Tags: Business, City, Experience

I'm a Pisces - emotional.

Tags: Emotional

I'm obsessed with neon sneakers.

Tags: Obsessed, Sneakers

If I could be anyone, I'd choose the lead singer of Arcade Fire, Win Butler.

Tags: Anyone, Fire, Win

No one wants to see a boring tube sock.

Tags: Boring, Sock, Wants

I feel like dress socks differentiate you in a different way - especially men in suits who just have the traditional business suit. The dress sock is the way to change it up in your mind and I like wearing my pants up higher so you see them.

Tags: Business, Change, Men

I feel like more than 80% of the world wouldn't get up in front of 40 million people and dance on national television, and if I have the confidence to do that then that's a step ahead in my life for me in terms of personal goals. I will gain a lot of confidence on all aspects right there.

Tags: Confidence, Dance, Life

When there is life and mankind, a person will live striving for good deeds, liberty and a bright life, and wish that goodness and justice will reign in the world.

Tags: Good, Justice, Life

May there always be peace, love and happiness in every house.

Tags: Happiness, Love, Peace

A person may rightfully be happy if in this life he could do a great favor for widows and orphans, could assist support than, and facilitate fate of people.

Tags: Great, Happy, Life

I say there is not more happiness for me than the freedom of my Homeland.

Tags: Freedom, Happiness, Homeland

I'm proud, I've been working with this kind of self-sacrificing people like you.

Tags: Proud, Working

Your destiny is my destiny. Your happiness is my happiness.

Tags: Destiny, Happiness

With the advent of spring and beginning of the new harvest season the creators of abundance, our peasants, come out to the fields to sow with good aspirations and hopes.

Tags: Beginning, Good, Spring
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