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Robert Powell's Quotes

Robert Powell profile photo

Born: 1944-06-01
Profession: Actor
Nation: British
Biography of Robert Powell

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I have found that a smile and a stick will carry you through all right, and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it is the smile that does the trick.

Tags: Carry, Found, Smile

I love being on stage. I'm completely, totally relaxed. It's the only time in my life when I know where I am and what's coming next. The other Robert Powell is probably fairly melancholic. Let's just say happiness isn't my default position. There are dark parts. I'm very good at it. I frighten people sometimes.

Tags: Happiness, Life, Love

There's not a human being alive I won't talk to. There's a quite simple rule. If you like somebody more than you dislike them you can have a relationship. Once you accept you like 75 per cent but 25 per cent you find irritating for this or that reason, you just have to ignore that 25 per cent.

Tags: Human, Ignore, Simple

A boy is naturally full of humor.

Tags: Boy, Full, Humor

In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed.

Tags: Boy, Encouraged, Himself

Part of my job is to try and seduce people. It's what I get paid for, and if people get in the way of me doing my job I can be very difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Job, Try

The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.

Tags: Boy, Develop, Good

There is no teaching to compare with example.

Tags: Compare, Example, Teaching

I think monogamy is a little unnatural, if I'm totally honest. You change. Things alter. It's the exception rather than the rule and I think it's exceptional to cope with it and manage it. It's hard work.

Tags: Change, Hard, Work

It seems everyone in the world is now a potential member of the paparazzi. Most of the time people ask if they can take a picture with their mobiles but increasingly they don't bother to ask.

Tags: Everyone, Picture, Time

With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday. Hotels are now out of the question for my wife and I.

Tags: Question, Social, Wife

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