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Ruth Park's Quotes

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Born: 1923-08-24
Profession: Author
Nation: New Zealander
Biography of Ruth Park

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He who climbs a cliff may die on the cliff, so what? Always a risk-taker by nature, now I became one by intent.

Tags: Die, May, Nature

Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I have ever wanted to be.

Tags: Passion, Wanted, Writing

In a still hot morning, the tide went out and didn't come back in. This was not a spectacular event. The sea did not roll up like a scroll, like the sky in Revelations. It quietly withdrew.

Tags: Morning, Sea, Sky

The world is full of novels in which characters simply say and do. There are certainly legitimate genres in which this is sufficient. But in real and lasting writing the character is.

Tags: Character, Real, Writing
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Ruth Park's quote #2
Ruth Park's quote #2
Ruth Park's quote #2
Ruth Park's quote #2
Ruth Park's quote #2
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