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Sam Taylor-Wood's Quotes

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Born: 1967-03-04
Profession: Artist
Nation: English
Biography of Sam Taylor-Wood

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I struggle if I have chaos around me, but at the same time, if I don't have it, I'm uncomfortable. It's a strange thing: If I don't have chaos, I create it.

Tags: Strange, Struggle, Time

I understand what it is to go through emotional trauma and retreat and go into the world of your imagination. I understand how art and music can be a place of safety in a world of reinvention.

Tags: Art, Emotional, Music

I went to Goldsmith College of Art in London in the '80s and there I made sculptures, but the objects had nothing to do with how I was thinking. I was making beautifully sanded wooden boxes!

Tags: Art, College, Thinking

I'm interested in taking raw human emotions and then isolating them without any narrative structure. In order to achieve this, I try to break out of the narrative conventions that you'd see in a typical feature film.

Tags: Film, Human, Try

I've been through plenty in my life where I've really had to focus on the day ahead... because, as I know, the future is, you know, whatever the future is... Once you've stared mortality that hard in the face, you really seize the day.

Tags: Focus, Future, Life

Money scares me, and it always has done. I've got a childish concept of money, and I like to keep it that way in the sense that I don't like to think about it.

Tags: Done, Money, Sense

My mum has lived in Australia for 22 years now, and we have a rocky relationship. But at the same time it's one I want to maintain. I need her to be my mum. The relationship took a lot of rebuilding.

Tags: Her, Time, Took

My work is made on lines similar to those of a film production. A lot of my work is kind of bureaucratic, endlessly phoning up people, trying to find the cameraman and the lighting man, because I am a total technology-phobe, quite helpless with equipment.

Tags: Film, Trying, Work

When you're no longer ill, and everyone's gotten over the fact that you've had cancer, that core of steel doesn't go away, and then I had to find other channels for it.

Tags: Away, Everyone, Fact

Having children is exciting. Life puts the past into perspective.

Tags: Children, Life, Past

I feel like I've lost 10 years of my life to cancer.

Tags: Cancer, Life, Lost

I felt giving birth was the most creative act of all my creative acts - literally creation!

Tags: Act, Creative, Giving

I find that I put my body in my work when I am at a particularly difficult or joyous point because I want to feel that moment.

Tags: Moment, Put, Work

I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I'd be Loretta Lynn.

Tags: Country, Life, Love

I never thought of having cancer as something that was unfair. I just braced myself and tried to get through it.

Tags: Cancer, Thought, Unfair

I often joke that I straddle psychosis and neurosis, and that being an artist keeps me in the middle, so I can work between the two.

Tags: Between, Often, Work

I remember as a kid not ever wanting to have friends around to my house because it was, for want of a better description, disheveled.

Tags: Friends, House, Remember

I seize all opportunities with two hands. Everything that's happened to me has taught me to live in the moment as much as possible.

Tags: Hands, Moment, Possible

I think people are frightened of women making big decisions.

Tags: Big, Decisions, Women

I think you only see experiences as defining moments with distance.

Tags: Defining, Distance, Moments
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I took on cancer like I take on everything - like a mission and a job to accomplish.

Tags: Cancer, Job, Took

I wanted to become an artist because it meant endless possibilities. Art was a way of reinventing myself.

Tags: Art, Become, Wanted

I've always lived my life fearlessly, and what I want to do with my life, I do.

Tags: Fearlessly, Life, Lived

I've made lots of big decisions in my life that have shocked people.

Tags: Big, Decisions, Life

In my life, I've never really listened to when people start forming opinions on how you should be doing things.

Tags: Life, Opinions, Start

My childhood had its challenges, like everyone's. It imbued me with certain things and took away others. It made me very determined.

Tags: Away, Everyone, Others

One of the few times I saw my mother cry was when Lennon died, and the other time was when Elvis died.

Tags: Few, Mother, Time

Relationships can go wrong very simply, very quickly, and when you have children you become more aware of relationships around you.

Tags: Become, Children, Wrong

Sorry, there's nothing like a screaming baby to make a mother twitch.

Tags: Baby, Mother, Sorry

After I left college, I went to work at the Royal Opera House in London, which became a real catalyst for me because it made me realize that I was interested in cinema and in the way life is thrust at you. So I started making films.

Tags: Life, Real, Work

I always say, and I truly believe this, that my work is three steps ahead of me. I have an idea for something and I tend to feel like it's leading me and I'll follow the process through, and it's not until after I've seen it that I truly understand why I'm doing this.

Tags: Understand, Why, Work

I feel the art world in New York has a stronger following than Britain. If you go to a New York art district on a Saturday morning, it will be so busy with families and openings - art is much more ingrained in the culture.

Tags: Art, Busy, Morning

I hate rats. I had a pet rat to try and overcome it. I even gave him mouth-to mouth resuscitation when he had a heart attack. But I couldn't conquer it.

Tags: Hate, Heart, Pet

I have a massive phobia for schedules and calendars. I need people to tell me where I need to be. I can't bear to see it in black and white. I think it's a fear of being pinned down.

Tags: Black, Fear, Tell

When I was writing, I genuinely believed each word was my own.

Tags: Believed, Word, Writing