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Sea Change Quotes

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Naturally enough, I couldn't have foreseen the vast sea change which has come upon that scene as a result of German reunification and associated events.

Tags: Change, Enough, Sea  ✍ Author: Brian Ferneyhough

There's been a sea change in our focus on corporate ethics. We've made more progress in the last three years than the previous 30.

Tags: Change, Focus, Last  ✍ Author: Raymond T. Odierno

One of the many, many salutary aspects of Barack Obama's impending presidential nomination is the sea change his victory marks in the battle for the mind-set of the American foreign policy establishment.

Tags: Battle, Change, Victory  ✍ Author: Eric Alterman

Sea Change was so specific. From the beginning it was set what it was going to be. All the other ideas that I had at the time I had to put to the side.

Tags: Change, Put, Time  ✍ Author: Beck

There's 40 or 50 songs that nobody's heard that I've done in between albums. There's a whole evolution from Midnite Vultures to Sea Change that's never been released.

Tags: Between, Change, Done  ✍ Author: Beck

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Sea Change quote #2
Sea Change quote #2
Sea Change quote #2
Sea Change quote #2
Sea Change quote #2

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