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Sidney Sheldon's Quotes

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Born: 1917-02-11
Profession: Novelist
Nation: American
Biography of Sidney Sheldon

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I wanted to make sure that the man who found the genie would not take terrible advantage of her, so he needed to be a person of integrity and honor - which is why I made the male lead an astronaut. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tags: History, Integrity, Why

Stories had always been told about male genies coming out of bottles, but they were usually fat, old men. Never had the genie been a gorgeous woman, so that idea really appealed to me, and I created the series based on that premise.

Tags: Men, Old, Woman

The part of my writing I find the most rewarding is when people write to me or speak to me in public to tell me how his or her life has been changed by my books.

Tags: Life, Tell, Writing

The thing that made Groucho special was the way he used his body parts. He also had a wicked tongue. People didn't realize it, but when Groucho said something, he meant it.

Tags: Said, Special, Used

There's this sense of excitement because you invent and control the characters. You decide whether they live or die. I find this type of creative process tremendously stimulating.

Tags: Control, Die, Sense

Don't give up. There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you. Don't listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself.

Tags: Give, Try, Yourself

My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters and members of our armed forces.

Tags: Lives, Place, Risk

I admire people who are, by nature, kind and fair to others.

Tags: Fair, Nature, Others

Another woman approached me while I was having lunch at the Russian Tea Room in New York and told me that the reason she had become a lawyer was because she had read 'Rage of Angels'. To me, that kind of feedback has more meaning than any sales figures.

Tags: Another, Become, Woman

Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.

Tags: Leave, Place, Try

Usually, when people get to the end of a chapter, they close the book and go to sleep. I deliberately write a book so when the reader gets to the end of the chapter, he or she must turn one more page.

Tags: Book, End, Sleep

Talent is a gift that can be given, and it can be taken away. We have to appreciate that.

Tags: Away, Gift, Talent

Abraham Lincoln because he was a man filled with great compassion who believed that all men are created free and equal, and was not afraid to stand on that platform. The way Lincoln lived his life has served me well in mine.

Tags: Great, Life, Men

I will not write about anyplace in the world unless I've been there to personally research it.

Tags: Research, Unless, Write

What I do is put my characters into situations that are so precarious there is no way to get out. And then I figure how to get them out.

Tags: Characters, Figure, Put

Women's value has been under-recognized for far too long.

Tags: Far, Value, Women

If there is any secret to my success, I think it's that my characters are very real to me. I feel everything they feel, and therefore I think my readers care about them.

Tags: Care, Real, Success

I think people throughout the world identify with my characters.

Tags: Characters, Identify, Throughout

When you write a movie, you have a hundred collaborators. But when you write a novel, it's yours.

Tags: Movie, Novel, Write

In a novel, on the other hand, you not only have to describe the rooms, but the clothes, the characters and what they are thinking. It's a much more in-depth process.

Tags: Hand, Process, Thinking

The Dalai Lama. He is a very wise man of great inner peace who believes that happiness is the purpose of our lives. Through his teachings and leadership, he continues to make this world a better place in which to live.

Tags: Happiness, Leadership, Peace

I go to great lengths to make certain situations feel right to the reader.

Tags: Great, Reader, Situations

I love the freedom that the narrative form provides.

Tags: Freedom, Love, Narrative

I try to give both my heroes and villains an emotional dimensionality which provides the motivation for their actions.

Tags: Emotional, Give, Try

I worked in Hollywood as a reader and a would-be writer for about 6 years before I sold my first story.

Tags: Story, Worked, Writer

The fact that my female characters have strong personalities but are also physically attractive probably reflects the women I've known in my life.

Tags: Life, Strong, Women
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When people tell me I've kept them up all night, I feel like I've succeeded.

Tags: Kept, Night, Tell

Writing novels is the most exciting.

Tags: Exciting, Novels, Writing

I think that's because believable action is based on authenticity, and accuracy is very important to me. I always spend time researching my novels, exploring the customs and attitudes of the county I'm using for their setting.

Tags: Action, Spend, Time

I always spend time exploring the customs and attitudes of the countries I'm using for locations, and interviewing the people who live there. I've visited over 90 countries thus far.

Tags: Attitude, Far, Time
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