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Simon Baker's Quotes

Simon Baker profile photo

Born: 1969-07-30
Profession: Actor
Nation: Australian
Biography of Simon Baker

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My life is pretty hectic, but I'm really into it.

Tags: Hectic, Life, Pretty

The French have the reputation of being arrogant. I don't think it's arrogance but a certain authenticity.

Tags: Arrogance, Arrogant, Reputation

Time goes a lot quicker when the work is a lot more enjoyable.

Tags: Goes, Time, Work

For an actor working in television or film, I think it's important to understand how the medium works - how the camera and lenses work and how the sound and the editing works.

Tags: Understand, Work, Working

I've seen the odd tarot reader and had my palm read in various countries and explained to me in many strains of broken English. Did I believe a word? To be honest, I didn't understand much, but I loved watching the presentation.

Tags: Broken, Honest, Understand

Sometimes the intensity and the grind of doing television can wear you down, but at the same time there's something about the repetition, the sheer mass of work that you do that's also liberating.

Tags: Sometimes, Time, Work

There's more of a family connection when you're working on a TV show. That's not to say that you don't make great connections when you're working on films, but it's different unless you're there working every day.

Tags: Family, Great, Working

Well, capitalism is going to grow and grow. The nature of it is that the guy who has the most poker chips on the table has more leverage than everyone else. He can eventually outbluff everyone else and outraise everyone else at the table. That's what has happened and it needs to be corrected.

Tags: Else, Everyone, Nature

When I have to play the same role every day, I have the flexibility to play the character in so many different ways. It's almost like playing five different roles.

Tags: Almost, Character, Playing

I cut my own hair most of the time. You just do it all by feel.

Tags: Cut, Hair, Time

A shot is only as every as good as how well it tells the story.

Tags: Good, Shot, Story

As a kid I was always a bit of a clown, a performer.

Tags: Bit, Clown, Kid

Every TV show is a crapshoot, really. But every once in a while, a show gets anointed as 'the show.'

Tags: Once, Show, While

French are what they are without excusing themselves to be.

Tags: French, Themselves

I am very straight-forward and direct. If I disagree with something, I say something about it.

Tags: Direct, Disagree

I do have a lot of Australian friends.

Tags: Australian, Friends

I don't like fancy fiddly girlie stuff.

Tags: Fancy, Stuff

I don't like the idea of talking down to kids. I think I was talked down to, and you rebel against that.

Tags: Against, Idea, Kids

I don't use deodorant. If you drink enough water, you shouldn't have to. I think I smell pretty good without it.

Tags: Enough, Good, Pretty

I like putting my money into things like food and shelter. I'm probably a bad example of an investor.

Tags: Bad, Food, Money

I love con-men characters in film.

Tags: Characters, Film, Love

I need some challenges in love or I'm bored.

Tags: Bored, Challenges, Love

I think my kids are pretty well-rounded citizens of the world.

Tags: Citizens, Kids, Pretty

I think this Occupy Wall Street thing is great. I think that is a good thing and that people need to stand up, voice their opinions, and be heard.

Tags: Good, Great, Stand

I try to be straightforward and honest with my kids, and I believe nothing beats good old hard work.

Tags: Good, Hard, Work

I would love to do a rom-com, but they are not good - good and successful doesn't equate to the same thing.

Tags: Good, Love, Successful
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I'm a big fan of Alan J. Pakula's films like 'All the President's Men', 'The Parallax View,' and 'Klute.' I'm a big fan of those movies.

Tags: Big, Men, Movies

I'm pretty good at gardening. It consumes my time, and it feels like I'm doing something constructive.

Tags: Gardening, Good, Time

I've always been a shy person.

Tags: Shy

In general, the problem in a relationship is when the couple stagnate.

Tags: Couple, General, Problem

In network TV, you have to present the box before you can step outside it.

Tags: Outside, Present, Step

It's always difficult when you're on a show that goes for more than a year or a couple of years.

Tags: Difficult, Show, Year

L.A.'s a better place to live than it is to visit.

Tags: Place, Visit

My kids think I'm old and over the hill.

Tags: Hill, Kids, Old
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