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One has to secrete a jelly in which to slip quotations down people's throats - and one always secretes too much jelly.

Tags: Jelly, Throats  ✍ Author: Virginia Woolf

People don't slip. Time catches up with them.

Tags: Time  ✍ Author: Nat King Cole

Some guys just slip under the radar.

Tags: Guys, Radar  ✍ Author: Victor Cruz

If it's supposed to be a really passionate snog, you slip the tongue in.

Tags: Passionate, Tongue  ✍ Author: Jennifer Ellison

The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement.

Tags: Amuse, Fall  ✍ Author: E. W. Howe

I feel like there's a world of possibilities out there.

Tags: Again, Try  ✍ Author: Liza Minnelli

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