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For a competitive junkie like me, golf is a great solution because it smacks you in the face every time you think you have accomplished something. That to me has taken over a lot of the energy and competitiveness for basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Great, Time  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.

Tags: Jealousy, Judgment, Negative  ✍ Author: Jean Baudrillard

It sounds mercenary and it smacks of rats leaving the sinking ship. But get real, when everyone is bailing out, you don't want to be the last man standing.

Tags: Everyone, Leaving, Real  ✍ Author: Robbie Fowler

Daddy loves you, but he smacks you, and he can shout at you and smash things, but Daddy still loves you. So when you get into a relationship with someone who does all of that, why would it be unusual?

Tags: Daddy, Someone, Why  ✍ Author: Trisha Goddard

We have to remember we're in a global economy. The purpose of fiscal stimulus is not simply to sustain activity in our national economies, but to help the global economy as well, and that's why it's so critical that measures in those packages avoid anything that smacks of protectionism.

Tags: Help, Remember, Why  ✍ Author: Stephen Harper

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