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Solo Record Quotes

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I had to get out of my record deal that I signed with my previous band and get a full solo record deal going so, with all of the paperwork that, that entails it did take a while.

Tags: Band, Full, While  ✍ Author: Sebastian Bach

Overall, we had about 50 meetings where the brothers would say that I couldn't do any solo records, I couldn't write for other people, I couldn't do this and I couldn't do that. These guys were trying to nail my feet to the ground.

Tags: Guys, Trying, Write  ✍ Author: Sammy Hagar

It comes back to the same old question people are always asking me: 'When are you going to do a solo record?' Well, if I did, it would probably be similar to 'Baluchitherium,' meaning it would be Van Halen music - which I write anyway - but without singing.

Tags: Music, Old, Write  ✍ Author: Eddie Van Halen

If you put all the songs together that I've written on band records, and put it up next to my solo record, there's definitely a different kind of feel than Billy's songs.

Tags: Next, Put, Together  ✍ Author: James Iha

That's what my music... I'm working on a solo record right now, it's gonna be more hip-hop than anything, like electronic hip-hop, futuristic hip-hop. I'm probably gonna be rapping on it.

Tags: Gonna, Music, Working  ✍ Author: Bill Veeck

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