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Stake Quotes

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With so much at stake maybe I'll just leave now.

Tags: Leave, Maybe  ✍ Author: Robert B. Parker

It is my dream to have a controlling stake of Arsenal.

Tags: Arsenal, Dream  ✍ Author: Jenna Ushkowitz

Each and every day, Israel's very existence is at stake.

Tags: Existence, Israel  ✍ Author: John Boehner

It's not just Iraq - it's the Atlantic partnership which is at stake.

Tags: Atlantic, Iraq  ✍ Author: Minnie Driver

There is too much at stake for us to surrender to the politics of polarization.

Tags: Politics, Surrender  ✍ Author: Brad Henry

I like to put a stake in people, because I know people helped me.

Tags: Helped, Put  ✍ Author: Larry King

I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake.

Tags: Liberty, Nervous  ✍ Author: Wesley Snipes

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