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Steve Burns's Quotes

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Born: 1973-10-09
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Steve Burns

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When I was a kid, my mom used to run the vacuum cleaner, and the noise would bother me so much that I would run into the woods to calm down. I feel like that vacuum cleaner has been on since I moved to New York City.

Tags: Calm, Mom, Used

Acting on a blue screen is awful.

Tags: Acting, Awful, Blue

Eat as much as you like - just don't swallow it.

Tags: Eat, Swallow

I just don't think it's true that people can't do something else after they've done something that seems so permanent.

Tags: After, Done, True

I learned really valuable lessons from 'Blue's Clues.' I'd repeat them every day. 'You can do things. You are smart.'

Tags: Learned, Smart, Valuable

I probably shouldn't live in New York.

Tags: York

I'm a micro-celebrity, about as small a celebrity as you can be.

Tags: Celebrity, Small

If we want parents to be discerning about what children are watching then we need to put stuff in there for them to watch, too.

Tags: Children, Parents, Put

Music is my life - acting's just a hobby.

Tags: Acting, Life, Music

My fantasy for children's television is that it's not really children's television, it's everybody's television.

Tags: Children, Everybody, Television

Please don't make me sound like a crazy hermit, but I don't like crowds or noise.

Tags: Crazy, Please, Sound

When I was 14 I would pick up my brother's bass guitar, and I would just pound on it, having no idea how to play it.

Tags: Brother, Guitar, Idea

And I think that if I were a for real celebrity that was recognizable everywhere, I'd just crawl under a rock and you know, have someone run over the rock with a car, or something.

Tags: Car, Rock, Someone

'Blues Clues' has been incredibly good to me, and I've been working so hard on it for so long that I take it very personally. I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize what so many kids love. So there's a lot of responsibility there.

Tags: Good, Hard, Love

I always, always liked children... I was very afraid of them before. Because I never really grew up, I mean, with a lot of little kids around. Even though I am from a kind of Italian family, I never really grew up with a lot of little kids around.

Tags: Children, Family, Mean

I knew early on after the first couple episodes were fully scored and animated that we had a real quality show here. But I always questioned whether or not it would work.

Tags: After, Real, Work

I mean, that's another big surprise of the show, is that I see sixteen year old people who recognize me and they're honest, for-real fans of the show. And it goes down to nine months. I mean, I've heard of nine month to year-old children who are watching the show.

Tags: Children, Mean, Old

I started trying to do my own music at home, and I was like, 'You know what, I can play the guitar, sort of. And I can do these things, sort of. And I can make these crazy noises on my computer, sort of. But I need a ridiculously good drummer. I need someone to help me with string arrangements.'

Tags: Good, Home, Music

I'm not supposed to talk about the snail. The snail is, well, congratulations to whoever noticed it. It's supposed to be a thing where you gotta look for it in every episode, and it's there three times in every episode.

Tags: Talk, Three, Times

I'm officially near-famous. If you've got four year old kids and you've got cable, then you've got no choice but to know who I am. But if you're one of my peers - a 26-year old guy who lives in Manhattan - you have no idea who I am. I'm only famous if you're four.

Tags: Famous, Kids, Old

It's definitely the highest rated pre-school show on Cable. It's difficult to mix markets that way in terms of ratings. It's hard to tell, you know, where channel 12, or Public Television, is.

Tags: Difficult, Hard, Tell

It's really hard to say how long the show will last and will continue. I hope it lasts for a very long time. As long as kids watch it, anyway. But beyond this, sure, I would love to be doing film. I'd love to be doing more theater and perhaps even writing.

Tags: Hope, Love, Time

The idea of the show is that it's active and that children will become involved and watch the show, but also participate in the show. And I didn't know if that would work.

Tags: Become, Children, Work

We go through, I think, six different drafts of each script. And then my shooting it is roughly, you know, fifteen percent of the total work that gets done on a show. Then it's all post-production animation after that.

Tags: After, Done, Work

Well, my aspirations certainly were not to be in a pre-school show. I mean, it's certainly nothing that I considered; it's nothing I ever thought anyone would ever let me do.

Tags: Mean, Show, Thought

The Bible's been attacked. What is truth? It's relative.

Tags: Bible, Relative, Truth
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As a pastor and as a dad, I want my son to know I tell the truth. He can read the book. He knows if I exaggerated or if I didn't. My son is forever gonna believe that I'm an honest person or I'm a liar by what I wrote in that book, because he can read.

Tags: Dad, Liar, Truth