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Stifling Quotes

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Banks operate like a man who either wears his trousers round his chest, stifling breathing, as now, or round his ankles, exposing his assets. We want their trousers tied round their middle: steady lending growth; particularly to productive British business, especially small scale enterprise.

Tags: Business, Growth, Small  ✍ Author: Vince Cable

Nashville's like any other hometown - after a while, it's stifling.

Tags: After, Hometown, While  ✍ Author: Justin Townes Earle

I found marriage somewhat stifling. I don't know that I am the kind of man who ought to be married.

Tags: Found, Marriage, Married  ✍ Author: Burt Lancaster

One of the reasons why so few of us ever act, instead of react, is because we are continually stifling our deepest impulses.

Tags: Act, Few, Why  ✍ Author: Henry Miller

Every time you have a new tax, or every time you have to pay really an inordinate amount for a regulation, it's really stifling this country and really stifling American business.

Tags: Business, Country, Time  ✍ Author: John Raese

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