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Stu Jackson's Quotes

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Born: 1955-12-11
Profession: Coach
Nation: American
Biography of Stu Jackson

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The hand check has always been a part of pro basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Check, Hand

The message here is you cannot, under any circumstances, throw an object at an official. You just cannot do it.

Tags: Cannot, Here, Message

I don't know concretely if it's due to superstition, but any time a new rule is implemented into the NBA or a new piece of equipment or a new technology, there is always a transition and adjustment period by players and coaches and anyone involved with the game.

Tags: Game, Technology, Time

I was happy working for the N.B.A., but to be honest, I decided that I'd probably get back into coaching. I missed the teaching, I missed the games, I missed the competition.

Tags: Happy, Honest, Working

Once you begin reviewing judgment calls, which in basketball there are many, you put yourself on a very slippery slope in terms of what could be reviewed, and ultimately the number of reviews that could take place that would make it unwieldy.

Tags: Basketball, Put, Yourself
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Stu Jackson's quote #2
Stu Jackson's quote #2
Stu Jackson's quote #2
Stu Jackson's quote #2
Stu Jackson's quote #2
Stu Jackson's quote #2
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