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Sweetly Quotes

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Fear not; and the God of mercies grant a full gale and a fair entry into His kingdom, which may carry sweetly and swiftly over the bar, that you find not the rub of death.

Tags: Death, Fear, God  ✍ Author: William Carey

One sweetly solemn thought, comes to me o'er and o'er; I am nearer home today, than I ever have been before.

Tags: Home, Thought, Today  ✍ Author: Phoebe Cary

The muse is not an angelic voice that sits on your shoulder and sings sweetly. The muse is the most annoying whine. The muse isn't hard to find, just hard to like - she follows you everywhere, tapping you on the shoulder, demanding that you stop doing whatever else you might be doing and pay attention to her.

Tags: Else, Hard, Her  ✍ Author: Harlan Coben

In numbers warmly pure and sweetly strong.

Tags: Numbers, Pure, Strong  ✍ Author: William Collins

Pity speaks to grief More sweetly than a band of instruments.

Tags: Band, Grief, Pity  ✍ Author: Barry Cornwall

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Sweetly quote #2
Sweetly quote #2
Sweetly quote #2
Sweetly quote #2
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