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Team Spirit Quotes

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I wish I could go to the school where my close friends go, but I obviously can't. The good thing is, they're really good about inviting me to all the football games and all that stuff. So I end up having an adopted team spirit for a school I don't go to.

Tags: End, Good, School  ✍ Author: David Gallagher

I like to help create team spirit in the dressing room. I feel that I've got loads of love to give.

Tags: Give, Help, Love  ✍ Author: Paul Gascoigne

We have a great sense of togetherness. It is our team spirit that has taken us to this World Cup.

Tags: Great, Sense, Team  ✍ Author: Robbie Keane

Team spirit spurs me on. I've always found it easier to be strong for other people than for myself.

Tags: Spirit, Strong, Team  ✍ Author: Cheryl Cole

In 2008 I didn't take it all in enough. I was so wrapped up in just the competition that I missed what was going on around me. If I am given that opportunity again to go to the Olympics and be an athlete I want to take it all in because I feel like this is my last shot and I want to feel the team spirit. I want to really live and breathe the USA.

Tags: Again, Enough, Team  ✍ Author: Shawn Johnson

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Team Spirit quote #2
Team Spirit quote #2
Team Spirit quote #2
Team Spirit quote #2
Team Spirit quote #2
Team Spirit quote #2

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