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Ted Rall's Quotes

Ted Rall profile photo

Born: 1963-08-26
Profession: Cartoonist
Nation: American
Biography of Ted Rall

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Orrin Hatch was the keynote speaker at the last meeting of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He sought me out because he was a fan. I was thinking he had confused me with someone else.

Tags: Confused, Someone, Thinking

Silk Road to Ruin has all the analysis and it's structured very well. I rely on my notes more and I use direct quotes. But there's nothing like writing about it right away.

Tags: Away, Road, Writing

The best thing about being a cartoonist is to walk into a bar or someone's apartment and they don't know you, but they've taped one of your pieces up.

Tags: Best, Someone, Walk

The experts who managed the original Marshall Plan say Afghanistan needs a commitment of at least $5 to $10 billion over 5 to 10 years, coupled with occupation forces of 250,000 Allied soldiers to keep the peace throughout the country.

Tags: Country, Keep, Peace

Trying to rebuild Afghanistan on the cheap has left the country in the hands of warlords and an impotent Northern Alliance puppet regime that runs Kabul and nothing else.

Tags: Country, Else, Trying

When you have birds you stare at them a lot and their eyes are recessed on their head. When they look at something they tilt their head in a quizzical expression.

Tags: Expression, Eyes, Head

The first step to stringing the boss up from a lamppost is saying the boss is a moron.

Tags: Boss, Saying, Step

Money stress is what used to remind me of my Dad most.

Tags: Dad, Money, Stress

Conservative humor is frankly harder than liberal humor. You get points for just being liberal. You can get more points if you make fun of your own side sometimes.

Tags: Fun, Humor, Sometimes

Anyone should be able to read comics.

Tags: Able, Anyone, Read

Anyway, I tried liking Jimmy Corrigan but I couldn't.

Tags: Anyway, Liking, Tried

At this point, American workers are pretty respectful of the bosses they loathe.

Tags: American, Point, Pretty

Even though I'm a leftist. I think the left eats its own.

Tags: Left, Leftist, Though

I don't think anyone has written a great graphic novel.

Tags: Anyone, Great, Written

I never consciously do any work directly influenced from any movie, unless I'm doing a parody.

Tags: Movie, Unless, Work

I think Dilbert is actually a radical strip.

Tags: Actually, Radical, Strip

I think jazz is good, but I don't enjoy it. It's not for me.

Tags: Enjoy, Good, Jazz

I think we're the first generation to successfully integrate American society.

Tags: American, Generation, Society

I'm a better editorial cartoonist by default because so many editorial cartoonists out there are so awful.

Tags: Awful, Cartoonist, Default

I'm a better polemicist in prose.

Tags: Prose

If I had to rank my skills, I have a long way to go before I can write a good graphic novel.

Tags: Good, Novel, Write

It's a perfectly valid position to not like Shakespeare.

Tags: Perfectly, Position, Valid

Most people don't know how to tell stories.

Tags: Stories, Tell

On the ground, Pakistan is the most virulently anti-American state on the planet.

Tags: Ground, Pakistan, State

There was an honorable tradition of using anonymous sources that was ruined by Jayson Blair.

Tags: Honorable, Tradition, Using

Up until 1995, I still had a day job that I hated. I was still personally involved in things in the 90s.

Tags: Involved, Job, Until
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When I put together a graphic novel, I don't think about literary prose. I think about storytelling.

Tags: Novel, Put, Together

When you do a cartoon based on news headlines, you do it based on incomplete information.

Tags: Based, Cartoon, News

But now that I'm cartooning full-time, I'm more of an observer. I'm talking to people who are experiencing these things. But it's not like being in the trenches.

Tags: Cartooning, Observer, Talking

Comics are too big. You can't say any kind or genre of comics is better than another. You can say so subjectively. But to say it like it's objective is wrong. It's wrong morally, because it cuts out stuff that's good.

Tags: Big, Good, Wrong

I think Maus I is better than Maus II. The standard here is whether or not it's as good as a great book of prose literature and by that standard, no, it's not that great.

Tags: Book, Good, Great
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