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Ted Strickland's Quotes

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Born: 1941-08-04
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Ted Strickland

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Before Barack Obama took office, it looked like that pride could have vanished forever, but today, from the staggering depths of the Great Recession, the nation has had 29 straight months of job growth. Workers across my state and across the country are getting back the dignity of a good job and a good salary.

Tags: Good, Great, Today

Barack Obama is an economic patriot.

Tags: Economic, Obama, Patriot

Barack Obama is betting on the American worker.

Tags: American, Obama, Worker

But all over Ohio - all over America - men and women are going back to work with the pride of building something stamped 'Made in America.'

Tags: Men, Women, Work

It's been a long slog back, and we've still got a long way to go.

Tags: America, Strong, Today

The connection between education and a healthy economy is critical.

Tags: Between, Education, Healthy

I want to talk about jobs and health care and pension security and what we're going to do to stop the brain drain in Ohio and make it possible for our young people to stay here and build a life in Ohio rather than in Pennsylvania or West Virginia or God knows where.

Tags: God, Health, Life

Our nation was built by pioneers - pioneers who accepted untold risks in pursuit of freedom, not by pioneers seeking offshore profits at the expense of American workers here at home.

Tags: Freedom, Here, Home

Quite frankly, Barack Obama knows what it's like to pay a mortgage and student loans. He knows what it's like to watch a beloved family member in a medical crisis and worry that treatment is out of reach. Barack Obama knows our struggles. And, my friends, he shares our values.

Tags: Crisis, Family, Medical
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