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Theodore Parker's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Theologian
Nation: American
Biography of Theodore Parker

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Outward judgment often fails, inward judgment never.

Tags: Fails, Judgment, Often

Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect.

Tags: Individual, Sacredness, Violate

Remorse is the pain of sin.

Tags: Pain, Remorse, Sin

The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most.

Tags: Books, Help

Truth never yet fell dead in the streets; it has such affinity with the soul of man, the seed however broadcast will catch somewhere and produce its hundredfold.

Tags: Dead, Soul, Truth

As society advances the standard of poverty rises.

Tags: Poverty, Society, Standard

It is very sad for a man to make himself servant to a single thing; his manhood all taken out of him by the hydraulic pressure of excessive business.

Tags: Business, Sad, Single

Wealth and want equally harden the human heart.

Tags: Heart, Human, Wealth

Let others laugh when you sacrifice desire to duty, if they will. You have time and eternity to rejoice in.

Tags: Laugh, Sacrifice, Time

No man is so great as mankind.

Tags: Great, Mankind

The miser, starving his brother's body, starves also his own soul, and at death shall creep out of his great estate of injustice, poor and naked and miserable.

Tags: Death, Great, Soul

Cities have always been the fireplaces of civilization, whence light and heat radiated out into the dark.

Tags: Dark, Heat, Light

Humanity is the sin of God.

Tags: God, Humanity, Sin

Politics is the science of urgencies.

Tags: Politics, Science

Self-denial is indispensable to a strong character, and the highest kind comes from a religious stock.

Tags: Character, Religious, Strong

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