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Three-Day Quotes

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I love short trips to New York; to me it is the finest three-day town on earth.

Tags: Love, Short, Travel  ✍ Author: James Cameron

You know they say the most dangerous person of the world is a member of the United States Congress just home from a three-day fact-finding trip.

Tags: Dangerous, Home, Politics  ✍ Author: Johnny Isakson

When I meet a girl I like, I call her the next day. I don't play that three-day rule. Maybe that's psycho.

Tags: Girl, Her, Next  ✍ Author: Daren Kagasoff

Yes, my dad's a marathoner. He used to do sprint distances and then started marathoning. My mom is an endurance animal. She does three-day events like the Susan G. Komen three-day walk.

Tags: Dad, Mom, She  ✍ Author: Dean Karnazes

Once you explore life outside of work, it becomes addictive. The less you work, the less you want to work. At first, the odd afternoon off seems like a fantastic luxury. Before long, you are opting for a four-day week. Then a four-day week becomes an intolerable demand on your time, so you find a way of moving to a three-day week.

Tags: Life, Time, Work  ✍ Author: Howard Hodgkin

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