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Timothy F. Cahill's Quotes

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Born: 1979-12-06
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Australian
Biography of Timothy F. Cahill

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Whether you're a mechanic or you build houses or you work in an office, you don't have to like your boss.

Tags: Boss, Whether, Work

All I do is play football, eat, sleep, play with my kids, play football.

Tags: Football, Kids, Sleep

It's a massive compliment to me to be known in Asia because Asia is the way forward in football, along with the Middle East. I believe that strongly.

Tags: Football, Forward, Known

They knew who I was in Australia in 2006, but not to a great extent. Now, with the momentum of a second World Cup, it has gone crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Great, Second

Every time I score the passion comes out and I try to relay that back to the fans and to the players and the staff how grateful I am to be playing for such a good football club. The fans have taken well to me. I am part of the furniture at Everton, but I don't take it for granted.

Tags: Football, Good, Time

I hold the record now with Dixie Dean for being the only Everton player to score three Merseyside derby goals at Anfield. I still hope to better it. Things like that, the fans never forget.

Tags: Forget, Hope, Three

I remember cleaning boots at Millwall on £250 a week and feeling like a millionaire. I'd made it then. At that time, if I never played for another club it wouldn't have bothered me too much because I'd made it with a football team in England.

Tags: Feeling, Football, Time

I take compliments and I take constructive criticism. Not everyone loves you. It's the way you react as a footballer. I use it all to make me play better.

Tags: Criticism, Everyone, Loves

I want to work with kids and help develop them, show them the right way, the right morals and attitude into how to become a better footballer. Australia has many different cultures but I'd like to bring in the indigenous style, bring their competitiveness, athleticism and raw ability into the frame.

Tags: Attitude, Help, Work

I'm a very traditional person. The tattoos are about my grandmother dying and they tell the story about my mother and father, my brothers and my sister, my kids. It's pretty much a family tree on my arm with my life in football too.

Tags: Family, Life, Mother

I'm blessed that I'm not content. Whenever I work with kids, which I'm passionate about, I want them to know that, yes, two World Cups, two Asian Cups, but I've done it the hard way.

Tags: Blessed, Hard, Work

If kids see you on the street and they want an autograph, that's a big honour so I spend half an hour before I get in the ground and 40 minutes to an hour after the game with the Everton fans signing autographs.

Tags: After, Big, Game

No money in this world could convince me to play for Liverpool. That's not a lack of respect for Liverpool supporters or the football club. It's respect for the Everton supporters. You just can't do that. It goes against everything that I stand for. No chance.

Tags: Football, Money, Respect
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Timothy F. Cahill's quote #6
Timothy F. Cahill's quote #6
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