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Tom Kenny's Quotes

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Born: 1962-07-13
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Tom Kenny

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He's not a child but he's childlike, he's not a grown up, he's not a kid, maybe he sounds like an elf on helium, we'll play with it.

Tags: Child, Kid, Maybe

I just felt like there was a world of cartoon voices that had to be discovered by me.

Tags: Cartoon, Felt, Voices

I seem to voice a lot of sweet, kind of dumb yellow characters for some reason.

Tags: Reason, Sweet, Voice

You have to remember we're just performers, that we seldom have any kind of grasp on real life.

Tags: Life, Real, Remember

People are always saying that I must have been the class clown, with all these voices. No, I was way too shy to be the class clown; I was a class clown's writer.

Tags: Class, Saying, Writer
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Tom Kenny's quote #2
Tom Kenny's quote #2
Tom Kenny's quote #2
Tom Kenny's quote #2
Tom Kenny's quote #2