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Tommy Douglas's Quotes

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Born: 1904-10-20
Profession: Clergyman
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Tommy Douglas

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Courage, my friends; 'tis not too late to build a better world.

Tags: Courage, Friends, Late

Man can now fly in the air like a bird, swim under the ocean like a fish, he can burrow into the ground like a mole. Now if only he could walk the earth like a man, this would be paradise.

Tags: Earth, Fish, Ocean

Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes.

Tags: Imagine, Old, West

I don't mind being a symbol but I don't want to become a monument. There are monuments all over the Parliament Buildings and I've seen what the pigeons do to them.

Tags: Become, Mind, Seen

I'm sure that the standard of public morality we've helped build will force government in Canada to approve complete health insurance.

Tags: Government, Health, Sure

My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent.

Tags: Dream, Sitting, Top

Setting people to spy on one another is not the way to protect freedom.

Tags: Another, Freedom, Protect
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Tommy Douglas's quote #3
Tommy Douglas's quote #3
Tommy Douglas's quote #3
Tommy Douglas's quote #3
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