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Tracy Pollan's Quotes

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Born: 1960-06-22
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Tracy Pollan

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Everybody has their challenges; I couldn't say that we have more challenges than other people, they're just different.

Tags: Challenges, Everybody

Happiness is definitely a priority in our household. That the kids are happy and everybody is comfortable. Self-esteem is very important.

Tags: Happiness, Happy, Kids

I get so much out of being married and raising my kids - that's really important to me.

Tags: Kids, Married, Raising

I wasn't a very good waitress, always spilling things on people and forgetting things. I once spilled ashes all over Mike Wallace's table.

Tags: Forgetting, Good, Once

I'm a bit of a homebody. It doesn't take long for me to get to the point where I'm ready to be home again.

Tags: Again, Home, Point

I'm not a social retard, but I prefer to go unnoticed.

Tags: Retard, Social, Unnoticed

James Patterson has a way with female characters. He understands women in a way that a lot of male writers don't.

Tags: Characters, Women, Writers

My family absolutely comes first, and I don't mean that in a Pollyanna way. It's the focus of my life because it's what makes me happy.

Tags: Family, Happy, Life

When something's got to give, family always wins. I couldn't live with myself if it was the other way.

Tags: Family, Give, Wins

I never questioned I would have any trouble doing what I wanted to do. I'm not talking about getting to a certain position - or to success. It was just that I knew I wanted to act, and that I would make my living that way. Having the unconditional support of your parents is really freeing.

Tags: Living, Parents, Success

I'm not a writer, but I'm very good at editing. That's my specialty. I can read something and tell you everything that's wrong with it and what's great about it and what needs to change, but it's hard for me to organize my thoughts.

Tags: Change, Good, Great

I'm very grounded - that's how I would put it. If you met my mother, you'd probably say the same thing about her. I had a very sane upbringing, though some very insane things happened.

Tags: Her, Mother, Put

It's not that I'm necessarily looking for things that are so dark and emotional. But if I see something where the character goes through enormous change, it's very appealing to play all those levels, and that is probably going to involve some dark moments.

Tags: Change, Character, Emotional

Michael and I had great role models. Though his father has passed away, his parents had an amazingly strong marriage, as do mine. Both weathered really tough times. For us it has been normal to stay together through difficulties. We grew up witnessing that firsthand.

Tags: Great, Marriage, Strong

Worrying won't prevent the worst outcome. I've learned to live in the moment, which is not my natural tendency. I've always thought that if I worried about something enough, it wouldn't happen. I forgot to worry about Parkinson's.

Tags: Enough, Happen, Thought
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