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My life is not unlike Truman's. I can't go anywhere.

Tags: Anywhere, Life  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

Unlike some politicians, I can admit to a mistake.

Tags: Admit, Mistake  ✍ Author: Nelson Mandela

The reviewer is a singularly detested enemy because he is, unlike the hapless artist, invulnerable.

Tags: Artist, Enemy  ✍ Author: Carroll O\'Connor

We have, unlike many of our competitors, continued to meet our various financial obligations.

Tags: Financial, Meet  ✍ Author: Gerard Arpey

Unlike the actual, the fictional explains itself.

Tags: Actual, Explains  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

And that Newman wasn't, and yet to me Pollock is just as radical and unlike Expressionism as Newman.

Tags: Newman, Radical  ✍ Author: Donald Judd

I like to play a wide range of characters. The more they're unlike me, the better I like it.

Tags: Characters, Wide  ✍ Author: Laurie Metcalf

The orbs have probably sold better through catalogs because they can be categorized unlike at most stores.

Tags: Sold, Stores  ✍ Author: David Rose

Unlike a lot of people, I don't need the affirmation or anything.

 ✍ Author: Bob Seger

Our aristocracy, unlike that of Europe, is open to all comers.

Tags: Europe, Open  ✍ Author: Danny Strong

Life is so unlike theory.

Tags: Life, Theory  ✍ Author: Anthony Trollope

I'm a very gentle man, not unlike Gandhi.

Tags: Gandhi, Gentle  ✍ Author: Joss Whedon

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