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It's the scale that Yahoo brings - and that user base - that I really want to build products for.

Tags: Base, Build  ✍ Author: Nick D\'Aloisio

At KaBOOM! we are crowd-sourcing a nationwide Map of Play that uses GIS data and user rankings to identify where the engaging playgrounds are located, but more importantly, where they are not.

Tags: Data, Map  ✍ Author: Aleqa Hammond

Sure, but competition is good for the user.

Tags: Good, Sure  ✍ Author: Terry Venables

That'll be my claim to fame: My grandmother-in-law is the oldest iPad user!

Tags: Claim, Fame  ✍ Author: Daniel Clowes

You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.

Tags: Pleasing, Toaster  ✍ Author: Tim Cook

I think every Internet user likes personalization.

Tags: Internet, Likes  ✍ Author: Ma Huateng

The utmost thing is the user experience, to have the most useful experience.

Tags: Experience, Useful  ✍ Author: Marissa Mayer

We are extremely attractive to page companies, because we significantly increase their user base.

Tags: Attractive, Increase  ✍ Author: David Rose

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