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I believe fantasy and dreaming can be made a reality. You don't have to be rich. You don't have to be a VIP.

Tags: Dreaming, Reality, Rich  ✍ Author: Rachel Zoe

I did five seasons of 'Baywatch,' and I did four seasons of 'VIP.' I've been around awhile.

Tags: Five, Four, Seasons  ✍ Author: Pamela Anderson

I've got a song on One Direction's album called 'Tell Me A Lie'. It's a really cute song - I love it. I loved that they liked it. They sound really great on it. I already have it - I'm so VIP with my copy on my computer! It does sound really good.

Tags: Good, Great, Love  ✍ Author: Kelly Clarkson

My career should adapt to me. Fame is like a VIP pass wherever you want to go.

Tags: Career, Fame, Pass  ✍ Author: Leonardo DiCaprio

If I go to a concert or sporting event I usually go in a VIP entrance. And leave the same way.

Tags: Concert, Event, Leave  ✍ Author: Fran Drescher

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