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Warren Cuccurullo's Quotes

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Born: 1956-12-08
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Warren Cuccurullo

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You can hit your legs really hard, you can get very, very sore from training and I love that, but, the one I'd feel most on stage is legs. But, the thing that happens is once the adrenalin kicks in, that's the trigger.

Tags: Hard, Love, Training

You know, on the road, I never miss a meal. I eat five, six, seven times a day, depending on when I wake up and when I got to sleep. I never miss a training day. I always get my four days out of my seven.

Tags: Sleep, Times, Training

Once you are over 30, 35 years old, I think everyone should get down to the gym and start moving again.

Tags: Fitness, Moving, Old

I thought, you know the food and the diet thing is one way to start yourself onto a healthy lifestyle, but if you don't move, if you don't start exercising you're gonna deteriorate.

Tags: Diet, Food, Yourself

I'm a product of good nutrition, cutting edge supplementation and hard training, and I'm an old guy.

Tags: Good, Hard, Training

But the business side of it, as with most creative things, there is no room for business. It is about art. It's not about marketing.

Tags: Art, Business, Creative

Fortunately, I was still living in Los Angeles at the time. So I went out to World Gym and got a membership.

Tags: Gym, Living, Time

I have had shoulder injuries in the past, but usually it's from training.

Tags: Injuries, Past, Training

I love the life of a musician but I live the life of a bodybuilder.

Tags: Life, Love, Musician

I never used to drink water. I am drinking six liters of water every day now. That's the key.

Tags: Drink, Used, Water

I went from 118 pounds to 135 pounds in a few months. But, I still didn't know anything about food.

Tags: Few, Food, Months

I would never go to a gym. How could I do it? So I tried to do it in my house and it doesn't work.

Tags: House, Tried, Work

I'm doing it by enjoying what I do in the gym, really enjoying my foods.

Tags: Enjoying, Foods, Gym

It is a career that can be enhanced or destroyed by success.

Tags: Career, Destroyed, Success

It's easy to get four days a week of training in and I don't spend more than 55-60 minutes in the gym.

Tags: Days, Easy, Training

Making music is fantastic.

Tags: Fantastic, Making, Music

Missing Persons was based in Los Angeles.

Tags: Angeles, Based, Missing

Plus, we spend most of our time writing music. Most of the time is spent in the studio in my house.

Tags: Music, Time, Writing

The health industry, the fitness industry, was really starting to pick up. This was around the mid 80's.

Tags: Fitness, Health, Industry

The lights go down, you hear the applause and you're up there, and then everything else is forgotten.

Tags: Else, Forgotten, Hear

The turning point really is just knowing you're an imbecile.

Tags: Knowing, Point, Turning

You know, there have been a lot of casualties in rock-n-roll.

Tags: Casualties

And so there I was living in California from Brooklyn, New York, and it was this whole new world for me and I was meeting vegetarians. I thought, let me try this vegetarian thing. I got really into that.

Tags: Living, Thought, Try
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It doesn't matter if people perceive me as being a little strange. I think overall, even when I am on stage, when people see me, I am setting an example.

Tags: Matter, Stage, Strange

Most of the hotel gym's are not adequate. I mean you might be able to train your arms, but you aren't going to be able to train legs, back, or even chest if they don't have dumbbells and benches.

Tags: Able, Mean, Might

Yeah, about sixteen to twenty weeks a year. For example, we can do America in six or seven weeks. You can do Europe in three weeks; England in two weeks. South America you could do in three weeks; Asia you could do in three weeks.

Tags: America, Three, Year

Yeah, I came in at the end of the Notorious album, played on about five tracks and then we went on a tour. Then we did another album, Big Thing, and then we started writing songs together in 1989.

Tags: End, Together, Writing
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