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Warren Moon's Quotes

Warren Moon profile photo

Born: 1956-11-18
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Warren Moon

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Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler and I used to argue for hours about who the best athletes are. I thought football players were better overall.

Tags: Best, Football, Thought

Even though my mother had told me growing up that, 'If you win, nobody cares what color you are,' that wasn't necessarily true in the N.F.L.

Tags: Mother, True, Win

I love basketball players for what they do for their size - so graceful.

Tags: Basketball, Love, Players

I'm about a 160, 170 bowler so I feel like I'm pretty good - I'm average, but I don't stink, you know?

Tags: Average, Good, Pretty

In football, it's the ultimate team sport. You have to have good people around you as a quarterback for things to happen.

Tags: Football, Good, Happen

Kids tend to look up to sports figures and entertainers, probably more than they should, but I've tried to use that in a positive way.

Tags: Kids, Positive, Sports

My biggest hero was Roman Gabriel, who was the QB of the Rams, and Roger Staubach. Those were the two guys I tired to emulate when I was little.

Tags: Guys, Hero, Tired

My legacy isn't about what I did playing football, but how I use the opportunities that came from playing football.

Tags: Football, Legacy, Playing

Quarterback is not a position that you come in having not played it your whole life.

Tags: Life, Played, Whole

To me, being in your prime means playing your best and feeling your best, too.

Tags: Best, Feeling, Means

Basketball players want contact to get a foul called. Slaps on the wrist and bumps on the shoulder are big time to them, and they don't like that. In football, you get that all the time. The whole mental makeup is different.

Tags: Basketball, Football, Time

I never thought I would be the oldest quarterback in the National Football League at one point, not in a million years. I never thought I would play as long as I did, either, seventeen years from start to finish, with stops in Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, and Kansas City.

Tags: Football, Start, Thought

I'm proud of the fact that besides being known as a successful former football player, I've also worked hard to establish myself as a successful businessman, network broadcaster, sports & entertainment executive and philanthropist.

Tags: Football, Sports, Successful

I've always tried to lend my support to worth while causes, and I feel you should use your celebrity to help with worldwide causes and help them gain exposure.

Tags: Help, While, Worth

It was about being wanted, it was about winning, and it was about my passion for the game. I just loved it. I absolutely loved to compete and to step out onto that football field with my teammates.

Tags: Football, Game, Winning

That's the one regret I have in all the years that I've played professional sports, that I didn't win a championship in the N.F.L. And that's why you play on any level of team sports: you want to win a championship as part of a team.

Tags: Regret, Sports, Win

The CFL made me a more versatile QB because of all the things you had to do once you got on the field. And if I wasn't as versatile as I was, I wouldn't have been as successful in all the different offenses that I was in, in the NFL.

Tags: Once, Successful

There are so many bad influences out there. I don't care if a kid is rich or poor, if he lives in a million-dollar house or the ghetto, he is going to find some sick things on the street. And if we don't clean it up soon, we're all going to pay the price.

Tags: Bad, Care, Rich

Throughout my career, I was never able to relax; I always had to go on the field with another responsibility. I felt like I was playing, not just for my team, but for my race.

Tags: Another, Career, Team

When I was coming up as a kid, there were programs that kept me out of trouble and on the straight and narrow in South Central Los Angeles, and I always felt that when I got to a stage where I could provide similar opportunities to kids then I would do that.

Tags: Felt, Kids, Trouble

When people talk about the great quarterbacks, it's almost exclusively the guys who have won Super Bowls. There have been some very good ones who hardly get mentioned because they never won the big one. I don't know if that's fair, but that's the way it is.

Tags: Big, Good, Great
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