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I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it's the government.

Tags: Government  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.

Tags: Act, Whenever  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

You can observe a lot by watching.

Tags: Observe  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

You can observe a lot by just watching.

Tags: Observe  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

For some of us, watching a miniseries that lasts longer than most marriages is not easy.

Tags: Easy, Longer  ✍ Author: Erma Bombeck

'Othello' is the most domestic of Shakespeare's tragedies and the one that's likely to strike a personal note with a lot of people watching it.

Tags: Likely, Personal  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

One of the ways I think I gain fodder for characters is by watching people.

Tags: Characters, Ways  ✍ Author: Edie Falco

The throttles could only move very, very slowly, always watching the temperature, always watching. And even in throttling back, you could bust it, even being very careful.

Tags: Careful, Move  ✍ Author: Adolf Galland

I think we love watching people that are flawed because we're all flawed.

Tags: Flawed, Love  ✍ Author: Brad Garrett

I was the kid that grew up watching Bette Davis films.

Tags: Films, Kid  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

There's something fascinating about watching artists draw.

Tags: Artists, Draw  ✍ Author: Mark Hamill

I love watching gymnastics, swimming, and track and field.

Tags: Gymnastics, Love  ✍ Author: Mia Hamm

I always feel kind of awkward when I look at pictures of myself. Watching videos of myself is really uncomfortable.

Tags: Awkward, Pictures  ✍ Author: Max Irons

I grew up watching those blaxploitation movies. Ron O'Neal, Richard Roundtree, Jim Brown, Pam Grier. For the first time, I saw 'The Negro' get one over on 'The Man.'

Tags: Movies, Time  ✍ Author: Robert Jackson

I love watching track and field - the 4x100 relay, the 100-(meter) dash, the 200-(meter) dash. To see what they're able to do, I love watching that.

Tags: Able, Love  ✍ Author: LeBron James

It is nerve-wracking watching my kids' games.

Tags: Games, Kids  ✍ Author: Michael Jordan

I find playwriting to be incredibly difficult compared to screenwriting. Part of it is that I grew up watching movies and not watching plays.

Tags: Difficult, Movies  ✍ Author: Zoe Kazan

I just really have an affinity for women. Watching them go through journeys is more interesting to me than watching men.

Tags: Men, Women  ✍ Author: John LaFarge

I don't think about people watching me on TV. I think it would stress me out.

Tags: Stress, Tv  ✍ Author: Rachel Maddow

I've never minded my kids watching any of the series I did. That's important to me.

Tags: Kids, Series  ✍ Author: Lee Majors

We were watching bands like the Ramones and Blondie and other bands beginning to ignite.

Tags: Bands, Beginning  ✍ Author: Michel Onfray

Big Brother is watching you.

Tags: Big, Brother  ✍ Author: George Orwell

My parents were really strict about me not watching cartoons.

Tags: Parents, Strict  ✍ Author: Questlove

Doing cinema is not about watching yourself.

Tags: Cinema, Yourself  ✍ Author: Charlotte Rampling

When I was 13, Eddie Murphy was to me what Chris Tucker was to 13-year-olds when I made 'Rush Hour.' And 'Rush Hour' really came out of the fact that I grew up watching 'Beverly Hills Cop' and '48 Hrs.'

Tags: Fact, Hour  ✍ Author: Brett Ratner
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Most of the games don't let you focus too much on the cheerleaders, but I've been watching these girls.

Tags: Focus, Games  ✍ Author: Lawrence Taylor

I'm watching the charts every week and hoping something will pop into my head.

Tags: Head, Week  ✍ Author: Al Yankovic

Watching previous figure skaters, I always wondered why they cried after their performance.

Tags: After, Why  ✍ Author: Jong-yong Yun

It is a significant acknowledgment that the way people are watching television is changing and the model is quickly changing.

Tags: Model, Television  ✍ Author: Jeff Zucker

Celebrity watching and speculation is almost like a sport.

Tags: Almost, Celebrity  ✍ Author: Marc Anthony

I've been watching so many movies and they all have to do with the DVDs. It's just so much more convenient.

Tags: Convenient, Movies  ✍ Author: Shiri Appleby

I was from the bush, watching Greg Norman on TV, but it was a world away.

Tags: Away, Tv  ✍ Author: Stuart Appleby

I let steam off by watching 'Downton Abbey.'

Tags: Off, Steam  ✍ Author: Alexis Arguello

I learnt basic cookery by watching my mum.

Tags: Basic, Mum  ✍ Author: Jane Asher

There is nothing as special as watching greatness.

Tags: Greatness, Special  ✍ Author: Sean Astin

I'm not good at watching myself.

Tags: Good  ✍ Author: Richard Ayoade

I'm not a big fan of watching my matches.

Tags: Big, Fan  ✍ Author: Jean-Marc Ayrault

Just watching Jack Lemmon made me want to get into this business.

Tags: Business, Jack  ✍ Author: Hank Azaria

It ain't like we're curing cancer or anything, we're watching basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Cancer  ✍ Author: Charles Barkley

I've been watching a lot of A&E's 'Intervention.' I know that's sort of depressing, but I love watching it.

Tags: Depressing, Love  ✍ Author: Vanessa Bayer

Watching everyone root through their psyche, it just delights me. Especially R. Crumb's stuff.

Tags: Everyone, Stuff  ✍ Author: Alison Bechdel

I've always been really inspired by watching top athletes putting in peak performances.

Tags: Inspired, Top  ✍ Author: Manu Bennett

For the Department of Energy to conduct this investigation is like the fox watching the hen house.

Tags: Energy, House  ✍ Author: Shelley Berkley

We owe a lot to Thomas Edison - if it wasn't for him, we'd be watching television by candlelight.

Tags: Him, Television  ✍ Author: Milton Berle

I like Doritos. I'm usually watching 'The Biggest Loser' eating Doritos.

Tags: Biggest, Loser  ✍ Author: Halle Berry

I learned from watching and I learned form doing.

Tags: Learned  ✍ Author: Claire Bloom

People who don't have gender dysphoria aren't going to catch it by watching me dance on television.

Tags: Dance, Television  ✍ Author: Chaz Bono

I think I grew a grey watching you procrastinate.

Tags: Grey  ✍ Author: Brandon Boyd

I like watching 'The X Factor,' but I would never go on it - I think it's too much of a controlled thing.

Tags: Controlled, Factor  ✍ Author: Dionne Bromfield

Do not allow watching food to replace making food.

Tags: Food, Making  ✍ Author: Alton Brown

I always look back to awards shows and think about being a kid watching them.

Tags: Kid, Shows  ✍ Author: Luke Bryan

I grew up watching Scooby Doo and Thelma was my favourite character.

Tags: Character, Favourite  ✍ Author: MyAnna Buring

I've grown up with kids watching me and as they're growing up, I'm growing up.

Tags: Growing, Kids  ✍ Author: Amanda Bynes

I grew up watching 'Raging Bull.'

Tags: Bull, Raging  ✍ Author: Vincent Cassel

I think you can't be passive in making this film - or in watching it.

Tags: Film, Making  ✍ Author: Jim Caviezel

I learned the way a monkey learns - by watching its parents.

Tags: Learned, Parents  ✍ Author: Prince Charles

If you really think about it, when watching television, you have product placement all the time.

Tags: Television, Time  ✍ Author: Jay Chiat

I want everybody who is watching to come to the Academy Awards with us. I'm going to pay for the bus.

Tags: Everybody, Pay  ✍ Author: Steven Cojocaru

Illegal immigration can never be completely stopped, no matter how high the wall or how many patrol agents you have watching it.

Tags: High, Matter  ✍ Author: Gail Collins

I get very uncomfortable with people watching me.

 ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad

I'm always going to be someone that people enjoy watching.

Tags: Enjoy, Someone  ✍ Author: Dane Cook

The gods are watching, but idly, yawning.

Tags: Gods, Idly  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

A lot people I know - it drives them crazy when they're watching, to see the people with their signs and waving, but there's something that's very inclusive about it.

Tags: Crazy, Signs  ✍ Author: Katie Couric

It was endlessly entertaining, watching people beat each other up. All the little kids in the neighborhood would come and watch... and then we'd beat them up as well.

Tags: Kids, Watch  ✍ Author: Wayne Coyne

There's something liberating about watching someone not following the rules.

Tags: Rules, Someone  ✍ Author: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

It's not what other people believe you can do, it's what you believe.

Tags: Anybody, Nervous  ✍ Author: Gail Devers

Now I've had everything except for the thrill of watching Babe Ruth play.

Tags: Except, Thrill  ✍ Author: Joe DiMaggio

Personally, I don't like watching violence. I'd much rather see more skin.

Tags: Rather, Violence  ✍ Author: Cameron Diaz

I'm a choreographer and I love watching 'The Bachelorette.'

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Taye Diggs

I'm not a big movie-goer. I just feel like I'm watching work.

Tags: Big, Work  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Donovan

Reagan didn't socialize with the press. He spent his evenings with Nancy, watching TV with dinner trays. But he knew that to transcend, you can't condescend.

Tags: Knew, Tv  ✍ Author: Maureen Dowd

You know, I'm almost out of the habit of watching episodic television now.

Tags: Almost, Television  ✍ Author: Dick Van Dyke

I think audiences are quite comfortable watching something coming into being.

Tags: Coming, Quite  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

Flattery in courtship is the highest insolence, for whilst it pretends to bestow on you more than you deserve, it is watching an opportunity to take from you what you really have.

Tags: Deserve, Highest  ✍ Author: Sarah Fielding

I loved Luke Skywalker and I loved Darth Vader and I loved watching them work it out.

Tags: Loved, Work  ✍ Author: David Fincher

I don't like watching myself on TV, I don't like reading about myself.

Tags: Reading, Tv  ✍ Author: Missy Franklin

A great catch is like watching girls go by the last one you see is always the prettiest.

Tags: Great, Last  ✍ Author: Bob Gibson

It's always cool on the airplane when people are watching 'SVU.' It's funny. And it's always the reruns.

Tags: Cool, Funny  ✍ Author: Kelli Giddish

I grew up Spanish, so I grew up watching a lot of novellas.

Tags: Spanish  ✍ Author: Julie Gonzalo

I was just watching baby videos of me and I was obviously an exhibitionist.

Tags: Baby, Obviously  ✍ Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I remember watching Jodie Foster in Contact, and that kind of opened my eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Remember  ✍ Author: Joel Gretsch

I'm always listening and watching; my ear is like a boom mike. And judging, frankly. Constantly judging.

Tags: Judging, Listening  ✍ Author: Kathy Griffin

We made 16 episodes of Cracker and I loved doing the show, but unfortunately no one was watching us.

Tags: Loved, Show  ✍ Author: Norman Hartnell

I have a farm and I love it there. There's really nothing to do, but even watching the chickens, its fun.

Tags: Fun, Love  ✍ Author: Salma Hayek

With anything, and especially with the pallet of viewers in watching anything on TV and film, you have to entertain them.

Tags: Film, Tv  ✍ Author: Claude Adrien Helvetius

Believe it or not, I got into the charismatic, shady, sly heart of Sedgewick Bell by watching CNN and C-SPAN.

Tags: Heart, Shady  ✍ Author: Emile Hirsch

Beanie and Cecil was the first cartoon I remember watching and I think there are analogies.

Tags: Cartoon, Remember  ✍ Author: Joel Hodgson

Who didn't grow up through the '90s watching 'Friends?'

Tags: Friends, Grow  ✍ Author: Josh Hopkins

I just like sitting at home, chilling and watching a movie.

Tags: Home, Movie  ✍ Author: Niall Horan

I'm totally addicted to Japanese anime and spend way, way, way too much time watching it.

Tags: Spend, Time  ✍ Author: Connor Jessup

Jewelry, to me, is a pain in the derriere, because you have to be watching it all the time.

Tags: Pain, Time  ✍ Author: Eartha Kitt

I like watching films when I don't know anything about the people.

Tags: Films  ✍ Author: Keira Knightley

I didn't grow up watching a lot of TV.

Tags: Grow, Tv  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

I really liked watching Bo Jackson run just because of his size and his speed.

Tags: Liked, Run  ✍ Author: Jamal Lewis

Watching Bo Jackson, seeing his size, his speed, a lot of his abilities, really drove me.

Tags: Seeing, Speed  ✍ Author: Jamal Lewis

I mean, I must confess I don't own Harry Potter DVDs. My parents do. They have them all. And they like watching them.

Tags: Mean, Parents  ✍ Author: Matthew Lewis

I'm very professional.

Tags: Actor, Stuff  ✍ Author: Matthew Lewis

I don't think there is a national pasttime. Watching TV is a national pasttime. Really. If there is a national pasttime, it is watching TV.

Tags: National, Tv  ✍ Author: Michael Lewis

I think people like watching edgy things.

Tags: Edgy  ✍ Author: Ray Liotta

I really got into the cricket and staying up late watching the World Cup.

Tags: Cricket, Late  ✍ Author: Jeremy London
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