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Wayne Brady's Quotes

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Born: 1972-06-02
Profession: Comedian
Nation: American
Biography of Wayne Brady

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My mom didn't let me play video games growing up, so now I do. Gaming gives me a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. It's all escapism.

Tags: Another, Fight, Mom

Cancelled isn't a bad word because it happens everyday.

Tags: Bad, Everyday, Word

I always thought that common sense would prevail. But on a game show, there is no common sense.

Tags: Game, Sense, Thought

I like to be left alone when I'm not working.

Tags: Alone, Left, Working

I want the single player experience.

Tags: Experience, Player, Single

I was teased horribly as a child and beaten up a lot.

Tags: Beaten, Child, Teased

I'm an actor first and foremost, who happens to do improv. I've also done sitcoms, I've done stage.

Tags: Actor, Done, Happens

Theatre sports is the best improv training period.

Tags: Best, Sports, Training

Work is the thing that happens around the game time.

Tags: Game, Time, Work

I didn't know that I could do a talk show. I didn't know that we could bring variety to daytime. I didn't know that people wanted to see singing, and dancing and comedy in the morning.

Tags: Morning, Talk, Wanted
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