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William Baldwin's Quotes

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Born: 1963-02-21
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of William Baldwin

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Wrestling is a team sport, and an individual sport all rolled into one.

Tags: Individual, Team, Wrestling

A community is a group of people who have come together, and they work and they live to try and improve the standard of living and quality of life - and I don't mean money.

Tags: Life, Money, Work

Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood.

Tags: Acting, Career, Passionate

I always equate wrestling to having been in the Marine Corps.

Tags: Corps, Marine, Wrestling

I love to utilize my celebrity status in a responsible and constructive and substantive manner. I like to get my hands dirty rather than a photo op.

Tags: Dirty, Love, Rather

I was an activist long before I even entertained the possibility of being an actor.

Tags: Activist, Actor

In terms of instilling the values of mental toughness and work ethic, discipline is the gift that keeps on giving.

Tags: Gift, Giving, Work

When I wrestled in College, my team was very good.

Tags: College, Good, Team

A strong economy causes an increase in the demand for housing; the increased demand for housing drives real-estate prices and rentals through the roof. And then affordable housing becomes completely inaccessible.

Tags: Economy, Increase, Strong

I could count my modeling jobs on my hands and toes. When I graduated from college, I moved to New York specifically to study acting, and I needed to pay the bills, and it's better to make a couple thousand dollars in one day than to wait tables six days a week.

Tags: Acting, Study, Wait

I look for an interesting and often times, fresh character. Something different that what is done all the time or than I've done recently. I look at who is directing. Those two variables as well as a third, which is the content and the quality of the screenplay. I look at the arcs of the scenes and characters and relationships.

Tags: Character, Done, Time
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