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William L. Jenkins's Quotes

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Born: 1936-11-29
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of William L. Jenkins

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President Reagan always gave the credit to the American people and American ideals. He treated his job as a valuable temporary loan from the American people, a loan that should be respected and returned with dutiful appreciation.

Tags: American, Job, President

In 1980, a nation in need of change selected Ronald Reagan to restore the shine to a tarnished America.

Tags: America, Change, Nation

Many states rely on sales tax as their principle source of revenue and do not have a State income tax.

Tags: Principle, State, Tax

Often dismissed or underestimated by political opponents, President Reagan had the most valuable weapon in the political arsenal: a bond with the people.

Tags: Often, Political, President

Over the course of two terms, President Reagan revolutionized the Republican Party and changed the political atmosphere in a way still being felt today.

Tags: Political, President, Today

Ronald Reagan's well documented final battles with Alzheimer's disease were fought with the same conviction and courage that his many public battles were fought.

Tags: Courage, Final, Public

Since the turn of the 20th century, members of the Jewish community in Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia have been meeting together to celebrate and worship.

Tags: Community, Since, Together

The current diversity visa program does a disservice to our immigration policy and to those immigrants who have moved through the more traditional process that allows them to lawfully reside in this country.

Tags: Country, Diversity, Process

The stories have been told so often by those of us who supported President Reagan over the years that they seem mundane, almost like a fictional novel or a movie script.

Tags: Almost, Often, President

Throughout his life, Ronald Reagan believed America is capable of great things and its people could and would lead the way if left unburdened by taxation and regulation.

Tags: America, Great, Life

Unfortunately, the current format for this lottery program are subject to fraud and abuse and leave our nation exposed to those who may seek to do harm on American soil.

Tags: American, May, Nation
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William L. Jenkins's quote #5
William L. Jenkins's quote #5
William L. Jenkins's quote #5
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