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Womb Quotes

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We've been together since the womb. We met in the womb.

Tags: Since, Together  ✍ Author: Joel Madden

I feel like I came out of the womb and was punted - there you go, out in the world!

 ✍ Author: Drew Barrymore

Politics is the womb in which war develops.

Tags: Politics, War  ✍ Author: Carl von Clausewitz

When I came out of my mom's womb, I had 'sitcom' stamped on my forehead.

Tags: Forehead, Mom  ✍ Author: Sean Hayes

This is the very womb and bed of enormity.

Tags: Bed, Enormity  ✍ Author: Ben Jonson

I have an equal opportunity womb!

Tags: Equal  ✍ Author: Maya Rudolph

I came out the womb dancing.

Tags: Dancing  ✍ Author: Michael K. Williams

The Grail is the womb of the beloved.

Tags: Beloved, Grail  ✍ Author: Robert Anton Wilson

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