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Yvonne Strahovski's Quotes

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Born: 1982-07-30
Profession: Actress
Nation: Australian
Biography of Yvonne Strahovski

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I don't know if this classifies as a video game, but I have a terrible obsession with Angry Birds.

Tags: Angry, Game, Obsession

I feel lucky that I got to work with some of the big legends in town.

Tags: Big, Lucky, Work

I guess I am a bit of a traditionalist.

Tags: Bit, Guess

I have a strong dance background. I danced from age five until 18, and that helps a lot. Doing a fight routine is like doing a dance routine.

Tags: Age, Fight, Strong

I think a man is a man, and a man has a hairy chest, so let that be!

Tags: Chest, Hairy

I was a tomboy and didn't pay too much attention to my clothes.

Tags: Attention, Clothes, Pay

I would love to explore film seeing as I have prominently been on television. It would be nice to change it up and focus on film a little bit.

Tags: Change, Love, Nice

I'm pretty gross. When I talk I can be gross and crude.

Tags: Gross, Pretty, Talk

I'm scared of karaoke. I think if I did have a go to karaoke song, it would be 'Whatta Man' by Salt-n-Pepa.

Tags: Karaoke, Scared, Song

I've always been a very outdoors sort of girl. I'm more a tomboy than a girly girl.

Tags: Girl, Outdoors, Tomboy

Most of the film directors expect their actors to want to work fast.

Tags: Expect, Film, Work

Sarah is very strong. She's really intelligent and she's very physically capable. I like to put that into my own life as well.

Tags: Life, Put, Strong

I know that one of the distinguishing things was I looked like I could hold a gun, even though I'd never held one before and I'm physically able to do the martial arts and all that stuff.

Tags: Able, Gun, Though

I love watching a good, freaky horror movie. I love it. It's one of my favorite things to do, to go and see at the cinema. Just to tune out and be freaked out.

Tags: Good, Love, Movie

I loved school, I loved putting on my uniform and doing homework every day. I was one of those good students that the teachers liked. I guess that's got to be a pretty nerdy, geeky part of me.

Tags: Good, Pretty, School

I remember being at Greenblatt's on Sunset, and some guy just walked straight up to me, and he had some bling on and whatever, and said something about a party down in Malibu and asked if I would jump in his car and go to the party. All I could think was, 'Who are you? I don't know you, and I don't care about how good your car is.'

Tags: Car, Care, Good

I was pretty nervous when I met Robert DeNiro. I kind of felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face. But Bobby DeNiro was really, really sweet and made me feel very comfortable. He's very low-key and just a superstar professional, and totally someone to be admired.

Tags: Pretty, Someone, Time

I've been very physical my whole life. I went out hiking and camping for days in the Australian forest, and when I trained at drama school for three years, we did a whole lot on stage-fighting techniques. And I was a dancer from 5 to 18, so I have a memory for choreography.

Tags: Life, School, Whole

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