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Zhu Rongji's Quotes

Zhu Rongji profile photo

Born: 1928-10-01
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Chinese
Biography of Zhu Rongji

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Even if a minefield or the abyss should lie before me, I will march straight ahead without looking back.

Tags: Lie, Looking

I have never intimidated the masses... I only intimidate corrupt officials.

Tags: Corrupt, Intimidate, Masses

History can never be covered up.

Tags: Covered, History

Although China and United States are competitors, China and the United States are indeed partners in trade.

Tags: Indeed, Trade, United

Free Tibet before free trade.

Tags: Free, Tibet, Trade

I think these people have betrayed or have forgotten their ancestors.

Tags: Ancestors, Betrayed, Forgotten

If you want to investigate, we will be willing to assist.

Tags: Assist, Willing

In the course of the reform, some new circumstances that we had not anticipated have appeared.

Tags: Reform

This is our bottom line, and the will of 1.25 billion Chinese people.

Tags: Billion, Bottom, Line

Whoever stands for 'one China' will get our support. We can have talks with them, and our talks will cover anything.

Tags: China, Stands, Support

Be realistic and truthful - and tell Hong Kong businessmen honestly that they should go for long-term investments since it is unlikely money can be made in the short haul.

Tags: Money, Short, Tell

I take great pride in having been able to overcome the Asian financial crisis and seeking the opportunities available to bring about an unprecedented growth in the economy.

Tags: Crisis, Great, Pride

My criticism is too severe sometimes and that is not good. But why don't you start doing your work unless your leader flies into a rage? It is not that you cannot do it but that you don't want to do it.

Tags: Good, Why, Work
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