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For people who have no critical acumen, a state is a mythical entity, for those who think critically it is a rational fiction, created by man in order to facilitate human coexistence.

Tags: Human, Order, State  ✍ Author: Friedrich Durrenmatt

My father was a middle manager at an oil company, but I never knew anything about his work. Whatever business acumen I have just got gleaned over the years.

Tags: Business, Father, Work  ✍ Author: Donna Mills

My engineer dad is where my technical acumen comes from. I remember him taking me to the factories to see how what works. Often he used to open up his motorbike to fix things and I saw how the wheels worked. His car used to be open for dissection very regularly. All this taught me and inspired me to look beyond what I could see on the skin.

Tags: Car, Dad, Him  ✍ Author: Bibhu Mohapatra

I have to think that I think it's always been a horse race between this administration's temporary political acumen and their completely, utterly, totally bankrupt policies. And they're coming home to roost. It was always a question of time. These guys aren't conservative. These guys are radicals.

Tags: Home, Political, Time  ✍ Author: Bradley Whitford

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Acumen quote #2
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