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The idea that a book can advise a woman how to capture a man is touchingly naive. Books advising men how to capture a woman are far less common, perhaps because few men are willing to admit to such a difficulty. For both sexes, I recommend a good novel, offering scenarios you might learn from, if only because they reflect a lot of doubt.

Tags: Good, Men, Woman  ✍ Author: Roger Ebert

More and more political analysts and weak-kneed politicians are advising the historically pro-life Republican Party to abandon its pro-life stance for political gain. My first response is that if you cannot trust a party on the value of defending human life, how can you trust it on issues like marginal tax rates?

Tags: Life, Political, Trust  ✍ Author: Gary Bauer

The rich are always advising the poor, but the poor seldom return the compliment.

Tags: Poor, Return, Rich  ✍ Author: Lord Chesterfield

Obviously I was disappointed when it fell into disuse, because it was my own track named after me, but I am sure all those youngsters we lost will be coming back, and I certainly intend to be down here as much as I can, coaching and advising.

Tags: After, Here, Lost  ✍ Author: Linford Christie

I had neither expert aid nor advice. I studied no courses in writing; until a year or so ago, I never read a book by anybody advising writers how to write.

Tags: Advice, Book, Writing  ✍ Author: Robert E. Howard

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