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Alana Stewart's Quotes

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Born: 1945-05-18
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Alana Stewart

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Bitterness and resentment only hurt one person, and it's not the person we're resenting - it's us.

Tags: Bitterness, Hurt, Resentment

Being friends with anyone for 30 years is no easy task - people change, they drift apart, they move on.

Tags: Change, Easy, Friends

One hopes, of course, that a relationship grows and becomes a deep and wonderful marriage and friendship that lasts forever. But that's not always the case.

Tags: Deep, Friendship, Marriage

In my life, there have been people that I was convinced would be around forever, and yet, somehow they managed to drift away after a couple of years. Likewise there have been people who have begun as casual acquaintances but become more important with each passing year.

Tags: After, Become, Life

A lot of people would think I have led this easy kind of charmed life, or maybe even a fairytale in some ways. But it has been anything but that.

Tags: Easy, Life, Maybe

All the violence in videos and movies, you can't tell me that that wouldn't influence a disturbed person.

Tags: Movies, Tell, Violence

I don't mind being single. In fact, I like it.

Tags: Fact, Mind, Single

I don't regret either of my marriages - not for a minute.

Tags: Either, Minute, Regret

I sleep with my gun on my bedside table. I live alone; it is my protection and makes me feel safer.

Tags: Alone, Makes, Sleep

I used to think that divorce meant failure, but now I see it more as a step along the path of self-realization and growth.

Tags: Divorce, Failure, Path

I wish I had been a better mother and a more compassionate and understanding wife in both of my marriages.

Tags: Mother, Wife, Wish

I've elected to age gracefully.

Tags: Age, Elected, Gracefully

It bothers me when the Hollywood elite are all so against people having guns and want rigorous gun restrictions.

Tags: Against, Gun, Guns

Young people don't really study the facts; they watch the skewed MSNBC and get a primarily liberal education.

Tags: Education, Study, Young

Divorce is never easy, but it's even more painful when you find out your husband is having an affair with a beautiful model fifteen years younger than you.

Tags: Beautiful, Divorce, Husband

For anyone going through a divorce or any other painful challenge, the first and most important recommendation I can make is to find some kind of spiritual and emotional support.

Tags: Challenge, Emotional, Spiritual

I don't worry about gaining weight. I'm fortunate in that I've never had to worry about that. Some people eat when they are stressed. I don't eat enough.

Tags: Eat, Enough, Worry

I grew up poor and used to look at people in big houses and thought they had everything. Then later on I looked at models in magazines and thought they had it all.

Tags: Big, Poor, Thought

I have a strong belief that there is a god or a higher power. I think that if you have a strong belief in that, then you won't feel alone in life and you will feel you can get through anything.

Tags: God, Life, Power

Our thoughts really do create our lives. They've done a lot of research showing if you're an optimistic, positive person you will be a healthier person than if you're a sad, depressed, negative person.

Tags: Done, Positive, Sad
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