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Allen Iverson's Quotes

Allen Iverson profile photo

Born: 1975-06-07
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Allen Iverson

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I believe that whatever we have, regardless of a trade being done or not, I feel we have a shot. I've just got to believe that we're going to be all right. I've got to just play basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Done, Whatever

I had a lot of growing up to do. A lot of times, I learned the hard way.

Tags: Hard, Learned, Times

If I don't believe it, then they don't need me on the court. I've just got to believe that in my heart.

Tags: Court, Heart

I owe all of this to the guys I've played with and all the coaches that have helped me get to where I'm at right now. I'm honored to be here.

Tags: Guys, Here, Played

Personally I just want to win a championship.

Tags: Personally, Win

If that many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to mean. I'm fortunate; I'm blessed to be in the situation that I'm in right now.

Tags: Blessed, Game, Hard

Being an All-Star is everything.

Tags: Care, Done, Trade

This is the thing you dream about when you're a kid, even before getting into the league.

Tags: Dream, Getting, Kid

We should because when coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it.

Tags: Coaches, Fired, Players

I don't want to just go to the playoffs, I don't want to go to the playoffs and win the first round, second round, and not win the whole thing because it's bittersweet.

Tags: Second, Whole, Win

This is like a tribute to them, the people who helped me to get here. The thing that makes me feel good about the whole thing is, the fans voted me here.

Tags: Good, Here, Whole
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